Thursday, January 14, 2016

Four years later ...

Like the “x number of months or years later” in a movie after the major character suffers a life-changing event, my blog posts seem to always start with a nod to “time passed since last entry.”

So here’s the nod, without excuses. And yes, this page needs an upgrade … I’ll get right to it in “x number of months (or years!)”

Any writers out there who need a boost of motivation? Check out Splickety. It’s a great little flash fiction magazine with three imprints (general, romance, and sci/fantasy), so you’re bound to find a genre that works for you.

For those new to it, flash fiction is just what it sounds like—a story in a flash. Word count is 300-1000, though for the best chance of publishing they recommend 699 or less. They are easy to submit to and great to work with.

My first attempt at fantasy didn’t quite make the cut for the magazine, but it’s in the Lightning Blog here.

If you’ve been in the writing world for a while, you have probably heard this over and over … Just get something out there! It’s truly satisfying, and writing a short piece is a great exercise in making the words count.

And coming from the once-every-four-years blogger, that’s quite a feat. So … ready, set, write!

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